About Us


                  Principal - Mr. R. Nowell
         Vice Principal - Ms. J. Letsos
         Vice Principal - Mr. G. Garbacz

    Admin Secretary - Ms. L. Bell
School Secretaries - Ms. S. Fern
                                     Ms. C. Penner


Wilfrid Jury first opened its doors in September 1990. The school is named after the late Dr. Wilfrid Jury, a well-known London archaeologist. Dr. Jury is best remembered for his contributions to the Archaeology Department of the University of Western Ontario and the Museum of Indian Archaeology, an affiliate of the University. 

"The Museum of Ontario Archaeology had its earliest beginnings at The University of Western Ontario with the grand vision of Wilfrid Jury(1890-1981). The Museum grew out of a collection of artifacts started by young Wilf Jury and his father, Amos Jury(1861-1964) in the early part of this century. From those early days of relic collecting came a lifelong career for Wilfrid Jury and the London Museum of Archaeology, an institution that is one of the finest archaeological research and interpretive centres in Canada.

When Wilfrid began to collect, his artifacts were kept in his home on the family farm and they were carefully catalogued in a small notebook. In 1923 his collection contained only 45 items. Wilfrid and his father acquired Native artifacts collected by farmers walking behind horse-drawn tools and pioneer farming equipment which had been replaced by more modern pieces. Ultimately, the collection of Native artifacts became the best display-quality collection in Southwestern Ontario."